Adam Henein

Bab Al Shaariya, Cairo, 1929


  • Graduated from the College of Fine Arts, Cairo, Sculpture Department
  • Travelled to Gouna and Luxor, 1953
  • Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture to study at Munich Academy, 1959
  • Settled in Paris, 1971 – 1995
  • Returned to Egypt and built atelier at Harraniya, 1996
  • Established the International Sculpture Symposium in Aswan, 1966



  • Museum of Modern Art, Cairo, 1950
  • First Biennale Alexandria, 1960
  • Festival of Negro Art, Dakar, Senegal, 1966
  • Fifty Years of Egyptian Contemporary Art Museum, Galleria Museum - Paris, 1971
  • Drawings of Sculptors from Rodin until Today, Calais Museum, France, 1976
  • Dialogue Group, UNESCO-Paris, 1977
  • International Sculpture Symposium, Portorose, 1977
  • Group Junij Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, 1978
  • Three Egyptian artists, Egyptian Academy for Arts, Rome, 1979
  • FIAC – Faris Gallery, Paris, 1980
  • Colmar Gallery, Paris,1986
  • Faris Gallery, Paris, 1986
  • Gallery Mashrabia, Cairo, 1987
  • Didier Fettweis Gallery, The Hague, 1987 and 1988
  • ASB Gallery, Barcelona, Munich, London, 1988
  • BNP Bank, Paris, 1990
  • Claude Lemand Galelry, Paris 1990
  • Didier Fettweis Gallery, Belgium, 1991
  • Janine Rubiez Gallery, Beirut, 1995
  • The Metropolitan Museum, New York, 1996
  • Zamalek Art Gallery, Cairo, 2003
  • Egyptian Academy for Arts, Rome, 2003


Prizes and Awards:

  • Art Production Award, Ministry of Education, 1953
  • Grand Nile Prize, Cairo Biennale, 1988
  • State Award of Appreciation, 1998
  • First Prize Place Medal of Science and Art, 1998
  • Mubarak Award, 2004



  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Cairo
  • Academy of Arts, Basel
  • Museum Om Kulthum, Cairo
  • Al Ahram Newspaper, Cairo
  • Egyptian Academy for Arts, Rome
  • Studio Misr, Gizeh
  • The International Garden for Sculpture, Dallas, Texas
  • Museum of the Arab World Institute, Paris
  • Al-Mansouria Foundation for Culture and Creativity, Jeddah
  • International Sculpture Symposium "Forma Viva", Portorose


Adam Henein is one of the most prominent Egyptian sculptors. In his art he is searching through the past for ancient cultural links which he treats in a contemporary manner. His work combines qualities of delicacy and grace. In his earlier works he was greatly influenced by Cubist sculpture. His latest works, however, suggest a traditional sculptural space that is highly original by stripping all details and moving substantially towards abstraction. One can discover ancient Egypt beneath the intentional simplicity of lines and beneath the density of materials he uses (granite, bronze, sandstone, plaster).

Henein is also a painter who has developed a pictorial technique: painting on papyrus using natural pigments bound with gum Arabic. The influences of his sculpture is nevertheless obvious on his paintings.

Adam Henein's work was displayed in many major galleries in Europe and USA.