Ahmed Nawar

Shibin Gharbeia, 1945


  • BA Fine Arts, Cairo 1967
  • PhD Fine Arts, San Fernando Academy, Madrid, 1975
  • Head of Plastic Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, since 1988



  • Held 77 private exhibitions in: Egypt, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Cuba, USA, Norway, Sweden, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
  • Participated in 312 collective exhibitions in Egypt and abroad


Prizes and awards:

  • 1st Prize Painting, Tanta 1961
  • 1st Prize Painting, Talaye Exhibition, 1966
  • 1st Prize Drawing, Ibiza International Biennale, 1968
  • 1st Prize Graphics, Alexandria Biennale, 1972
  • 1st Prize Graphics, San Fernando Academy Exhibition, Madrid, 1973 and 1974
  • National Encouragement Prize, 1979
  • International Honorary Prize, 5th International Graphic Art Biennale, Norway, 1980
  • “Golden Sail” Prize Graphics, International Biennale, Kuwait, 1987
  • Graphics Prize, International Triennial, Fredrickstadt, Norway, 1989
  • Excellence Award for “Egypt 21st Century”, 1st Beijing International Biennale, 2003



  • Cairo Museum of Modern Art
  • Alexandria Museum of Modern Art
  • Fine Arts Museum, Cairo Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Applied Arts Museum, Cairo
  • Spanish Contemporary Art Museum, Madrid
  • Modern Art Museum, Ibiza, Spain
  • Museums Archives, National Spanish Library, Madrid
  • Modern Art Museum, Leon, Spain
  • Savings Bank Museum, Alicante, Spain
  • Modern Art Museum, Tarragona, Huesca
  • Carlos Massisi Museum, Al Corunna, Spain
  • Fredrickstadt Private Museum of Graphic Art, Norway (one of the founders of the museum)
  • Ministry of Culture, France
  • Assila Museum, Morocco
  • National Museum, Amman, Jordan
  • Fine Arts Museum, Minia Faculty of Fine Arts (one of the founders)
  • Oberon University Museum, Alabama, USA
  • La Pueblo Museum, Mallorca
  • Tito Museum, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • National Egyptian Bank Museum, Cairo
  • Arab Art Museum, Qatar
  • Cultural Foundation Museum, Abu Dhabi
  • United Nations Private Collection
  • Fine Arts Museum, Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University



  • Egypt Medal for Arts and Science 1st Class, 1979
  • National Merit Medal from King Juan Carlos of Spain, 1992
  • Officer of Arts and Literature Medal, French Government, 1995



Ahmed Nawar belongs to the post-modernity generation of Egyptian contemporary art. From the beginning of his artistic career he has been overwhelmed by human issues. His artworks draw inspiration from the philosophy of human struggle to realize a better tomorrow, the struggle between good and evil. Nawar's dream transcends the dimensions of space and time.

He has a strong geometric and abstract style and is working with painting, graphics, collages and installations in which he makes brilliantly use of technology. He uses sharp and clear colors.

Nawar graduated from the Fine Arts in Cairo and acquired his

PHD from San Fernando Madrid 1975.

Head of Plastic Art Department from 1988 – 2006

He had 77 individual and 312 collective exhibitions in Egypt and abroad.

Several awards in painting and graphic from: Egypt, Spain, Norway, Kuwait.

Excellence award for Egypt's 21st century Beijing

National Merit  Medal – King Juan Carlos , Spain 1992

Officer of Arts & Literature Medal – French Government 1995