Ezmeralda Saikali-Haddad

Cairo, 1949


  • Graduated from Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris – Painting Section, 1978
  • Fine arts consultant for the Syndicate of Plastic Arts
  • Head of Exhibitions Committee in Heliopolis Club
  • Commissaire of Contemporary Egyptian Art Exhibition in Lebanon, 2004.


Selected exhibitions:

  • Fine Arts Faculty, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, 1975-76
  • Lyon, Bordeaux, Cagnes-sur-Mer, 1977-78-79
  • Mahmoud Khalil Museum, Cairo, 1980
  • Museum of Modern Art, Alexandria, 1980
  • Concorde Lafayette Hotel, Paris, 1981
  • Al Attas Hotel Jeddah, 1981
  • Rochan Gallery, Jeddah
  • Cairo Opera House Gallery, retrospective exhibition, 1995 and 2005
  • Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, 2005


Prizes and awards:

  • Encouragement Prize for excellent artistic creativity, Egypt 1999


Paintings acquired by:

  • Egyptian Museum of Modern Art
  • Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts
  • Museum of Modern Art, Jeddah
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Governorate of South Sinai
  • Minia University
  • Hotels: Sheraton, Meridien, Wagon Lits, Al Attas, Concorde Lafayette – Paris, Moon Beach Resort
  • Kasr El Aini University Hospital
  • Heliopolis Club
  • Ecole des Freres, Cairo
  • Private collections in: France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Malta, Canada, Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, South Africa



  • Syndicate of Plastic Arts (founding member)
  • Higher Culture Board
  • Member of the jury of the International Biennale for Children


Ezmeralda is in love with stretches of moving water that she reproduces in a vision that transcends their real aspects. Her violent colors and touches reflect her spontaneity, simplicity, purity and serenity: painting from the heart. She combines sculpture and painting in her artwork by integrating objects (wooden boats, sand, nets, etc.) as she sails in an unknown voyage to an unknown land inhabited by imagination. Beside painting, Ezmeralda is involved in mosaics. She chooses to speak with colored mosaic alphabets giving a pointillism impression, passing from one tone to another very smoothly. Her mosaics are full of life with a great deal of intense colors where movement is stunning.

Her art is prehistoric and yet futuristic… it is the age of man.

A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-arts in Paris, Ezmeralda has received many awards and her artworks are featured on book covers and magazines. She has exhibited in many solo and joint exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. Her works lie in collections and museums throughout the world.