Hoda Morad

  • Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts – Painting Section, 1969
  • Exhibitions held in: Egypt, Spain, U.K., Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, France



  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt
  • Military Engineering Association, Egypt
  • Al-Ahram Newspaper House, Egypt
  • Museum of Modern Art, Egypt
  • Heliopolis Club (Shorouk), Egypt
  • Private collections in: Austria, France, Spain, Kuwait, Tunisia
  • The painting “Traditional Environment” included in school books in USA and Canada


Hoda Mourad is noted for her paintings depicting boats, flowers and traditional environment. She is known for using the knife instead of the brush with great skill. Her colors and touches, with their purity and vivacity, remind the onlookers of the impressionists in depicting light to nature.

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo in 1969. Hoda Mourad held many solo and collective exibitions in Egypt and abroad. Her artworks are found in museums and private collections in Egypt and abroad. The painting "Traditional Environment" is included in school books in USA and Canada.