Makram Henein

Manfalout - Upper Egypt, 1939


  • Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, 1962
  • Master degree in painting, 1975
  • Founder and Head of Art Section – Al Ahram Newspaper since 1975
  • Wrote many critical and technical studies, and four books about art.



  • Participated in many general exhibitions in Egypt and abroad
  • Held private exhibitions in Egypt and abroad



  • Museums and private collections in Egypt and most of European countries


Henein's art is influenced by the Egyptian heritage and modern art. His compositions are balanced, the lines and touches are strong and neat, his colors are sober and earthy.

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo 1962, Henein earned a master degree in painting in 1975. He is the founder and head of the arts department of the Al-Ahram newspaper since 1973. He is also founder and member of the Art Critics Associations.

Henein wrote several books and articles on art. He held several solo and participated in collective exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. His art is featured in museums, galleries and private collections.