Medhat Nasr

Alexandria, 1948


  • Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria, 1971
  • Master degree ("Possibilities of Using Photography in Graphic Arts"), 1976
  • Doctor degree ("The Photography as an Element of Plastic Arts"), 1983
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics Department, Alexandria University
  • Art consultant for graphic arts since 1982
  • Consultant for design and printing, Alexandria Library, since 2001
  • Awarded several prizes in local and international exhibitions



  • Participated in exhibitions in: Egypt, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Norway, Brazil, Morocco, Oman, Sharja, Kuwait, South Africa, Ghana, Kuwait
  • Held 14 private exhibitions in Egypt and abroad.



  • Ministry of Culture
  • Museum of Modern Art, Cairo
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria
  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria
  • Cairo Opera House
  • Cairo Conference Hall
  • Alexandria Library

Private collections in: Egypt, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Kuwait