Mohamed Taha Hussein

Cairo, 1929


  • Professor of Contemporary Art History, Design, and Pottery at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University
  • Diploma form the Royal Faculty of Applied Arts, Giza, 1951
  • Diploma from the High institute of Arts Education, Cairo, 1953
  • Diploma from Krefeld School for Design (Germany), Pottery Section, 1955
  • Diploma from Alfred Simnar School for Educational Handicrafts, Düsseldorf (Germany), 1960
  • Diploma of graphics, Academy of Fine Arts, Düsseldorf, 1961
  • PhD Faculty of Arts, Cologne University (Germany), 1963
  • Dean of Faculty of Applied Arts, 1974-1982
  • Professor and Head of Industrial Design Section, Faculty of Applied Arts, 1982-1987
  • Head of Public Cultural Sector, Ministry of Culture, 1987-1989
  • Member of Essen Museum Friends Group (Kunst Ring).
  • Member of International Organization for Graphics (ICOGRDA) and its representative for Africa
  • Member of International Organization for Industrial Design (ICSID)
  • Member of the International Organization of Handicrafts
  • Member of Plastic Arts Commission, High Council of Culture and curator of its sub-commissions
  • Member and curator of the Permanent Commission for Internal and External Exhibitions, Ministry of Culture
  • Member of the Higher Permanent Commission of Islamic and Coptic Antiquities
  • Chief of the Art Sector Commission at the High Council of Universities
  • Chief of the Art Sector Commission at the High Council of Ministry of Culture



  • Held many private exhibitions in: Egypt, Germany, Check Republic, France, Tunisia, Italy
  • Participated in many general exhibitions in Egypt, Germany, Belgium, India, France, Monaco, Chile, Italy, Japan, USA


Prizes and Awards:

  • 1st Prize Sculpture, Mukhtar Contest, 1952
  • 2nd Prize Painting, Ministry of Education, 1956
  • 1st Prize Painting, National Center of Arts, 1985
  • 2nd Prize Painting , Cairo Biennale, 1985
  • Graphics Award, wall tapestry Egyptian Opera House, 1990
  • 1st Prize Graphics, Hungary Graphics Biennale, 1992
  • National Award of Merit, 2001



  • Museum of Modern Art, Cairo
  • Volwang Museum, Essen, Germany
  • Presidential Palace, Cairo
  • Oblaker House Museum, Munich
  • Banks, schools, embassies
  • Private collections in Egypt, Germany, USA, Mexico, France


Taha Hussein is a versatile artist, he is working with painting, graphics, ceramics and industrial design. The different materials demand different techniques and they therefore get different expressions. He explores constantly new opportunities within different directions. He works often with calligraphy as a decorative graphic expression. In later years his works have been influenced by abstract expressionism. With different effects he intends usually to achieve a specific Egyptian atmosphere in his works. However, his later works have changed to entirely abstract compositions.