Mostafa Abd El Wahab

Alexandria, 1947


  • Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria, 1971
  • Free studies on photo silkscreen in Germany, 1971
  • MA degree, 1977
  • PhD Fine Arts, Georgia University, 1983
  • PhD Philosophy, Alexandria University, 1997
  • Professor
  • General supervisor of Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria Library and Alexandria Cultural Center
  • Member of Artists and Writers Association, Alexandria
  • Member of Friends of Alexandria Library Society
  • Member of Friends of Art Society Jeddah
  • Member of Art and Music Association
  • Commissar of Egyptian Section, 19th International Biennale, Alexandria 1997
  • Commissar of Egyptian Section, 21st International Biennale, Alexandria 2001
  • Commissar of Egyptian Section, International Biennale, Sao Paolo, 2002


Participated in exhibitions in:

  • Germany, 1974-1980
  • 10th Alexandria Biennale, 1979
  • Romania and Hungary, 1979
  • USA, 1980
  • 11th Alexandria Biennale, 1987
  • Algeria, 1993
  • 1st International Biennale Syria, 1995
  • 19th Alexandria Biennale, 1997
  • Bulgaria, 1999
  • Beirut Exhibition, 1999
  • Sharja, 2000
  • International Galleries Exhibition, Italy, 2002
  • 22nd Alexandria Biennale


Private exhibitions held in:  Germany, Egypt, Kuwait, Italy


Prizes and awards:

  • Gold Medal Graphics, Youth Exhibition, 1969
  • Gold Medal, 13th International Exhibition, Kuwait 1981
  • Gold Medal, 14th International Exhibition, Kuwait, 1982
  • Certificate of Merit, 16th International Exhibition, Kuwait, 1984
  • Golden Sail Prize, 10th Kuwait Biennale, 1987
  • Award from the Syndicate of Fine Arts, Syria, 1995
  • Jury Prize, 19th Alexandria Biennale, 1997
  • Prize at the 2nd Salon of Small Fine Arts, 2000
  • European Artist of the Year Prize, 2002
  • Prize, 22nd Alexandria Biennale, 2003



  • Ministry of Culture
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Museum of Fine Arts Alexandria
  • Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University
  • Embassies
  • Banks
  • Private collections in; Egypt, Sudan, Kuwait, Oman, Germany, Lebanon, France, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, USA


Mostafa Abd El Wahab is an artist of beauty and lyricism. His works strike the onlooker with their deep emotionality, seducing colors and dreamy composition. There are no sharp edges in his paintings, everything is flowing and turning with grace and elegance. His works are a compelling combination of light and contrast.

A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, he earned a PhD in fine arts from Georgia University and a PhD in Philosophy from Alexandria University, he is general supervisor of the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, Alexandria Library and Alexandria Cultural Center. He received several prizes and awards and his artworks are included in fine art collections in Europe, Africa, Middle East and USA.