Sabry Nashed

Kena, Egypt, 1938


  • Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Sculpture Section, 1962
  • General Director of Museums and Art Exhibition Centers
  • General Director, National Center of Arts - Ministry of Culture
  • Member of the Fine Arts Committee – High Council for Culture
  • Member of the Board of Directors – Artists Syndicate
  • Member of Fine Arts Association (1980-1986)


Selected exhibitions:

  • Exhibition for African Art, Nairobi, 1971
  • Alexandria Biennale, 1974
  • The 8th International Art Exhibition – India, 1982
  • 1st International Biennale, Cairo 1984
  • Biennale for Small Sculpture, Budapest, 1984
  • The Egyptian Exhibition, China, 1985
  • The Egyptian Exhibition, India, 1985
  • The Contemporary Egyptian Art Exhibition, Jordan 1985
  • International Biennale, Havana, 1986
  • The 19th International Biennale, Sao Paolo, 1987
  • The Contemporary Egyptian Art Exhibition, Russia, 1988/89
  • Egyptian Cultural Centre Exhibition, Paris, 1988
  • The Contemporary Egyptian art Exhibition, Kuwait, 1989
  • The Contemporary Egyptian art Exhibition, Rome, 1990
  • The 8th International Small Sculpture Triennial, Budapest, 1990


Prizes and awards:

  • Sculpture prize, Arab History Exhibition, 1961
  • Sculpture prize, Between Art and Battle Exhibition, 1970
  • 1st Prize, sculpture, Salon du Caire, 1971
  • 1st Prize, Sculpture in Open Air Competition, 1973
  • Honorary Award for Sculpture, Cairo General Exhibition, 1981-82
  • Honorary Award for Sculpture, National Centre of Arts, 1981
  •  2nd Prize, sculpture, Hafez and Shawky Competition, 1983
  • 3rd Prize, sculpture, Cairo General Exhibition, 1984
  • 2nd Prize, sculpture, Cairo International Biennale, 1984
  • Encouragement Prize, Egypt, 1989
  • Presidential Order of Merit, 1991



  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Museum for African Arts, Washington
  • Tito Museum, Belgrade
  • Cairo International Conference Hall
  • Banks : Suez Canal Bank, National Bank of Egypt
  • 6th of October Panorama
  • Theatre Association
  • Private collections


Sabry Nashed is a prolific sculptor and his preferred medium is wood that under his talented hands becomes flexible and malleable. His sculptures are very unique, he likes to express softness and sensitivity integrated with movement, dynamics and strength, all this with simple and elegant lines.

The artist worked in the education field and then at the Ministry of Culture where he was appointed manager of Gezira complex for Arts, then head of artistic documentation. Afterwards he held several other positions namely: general supervisor of artistic museums, general supervisor of the authority of architectural embellishment and general manager of museums and exhibitions. He took part in artistic activities in Egypt with several public, private and international exhibitions since 1959 till now. His artwork is included in fine art collections, museums and galleries all over the world. He received numerous prizes and was awarded the State Award First Class for Excellence by the President.