Sayed Abd El Rassoul

Cairo, Egypt, 1917-1995


  • Graduated from Leonardo da Vinci Fine Arts Institute, Cairo
  • Diploma from Rome Academy – Painting Section
  • Professor at Leonardo da Vinci Fine Arts Institute, Cairo
  • Professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts, Cairo
  • Participated in art exhibitions in : Egypt, Italy, Brazil, India, Austria, Belgium, Lebanon, Germany


Prizes and awards:

  • Arts and Science Award, Egypt
  • State Encouragement Prize – Egypt 1958
  • 1st Prize, Mokhtar Competition, Egypt 1940
  • Excellence Prize, Salon du Caire, 1960
  • 1st Prize – Painting, Alexandria Biennale
  • 1st Prize – Graphics, Alexandria Biennale
  • 1st Prize, New Delhi Triennial
  • Gold Medal, Brussels Exhibition


Pioneer of Egyptian modern painting, Sayed Abd El Rassoul established a new school of modern Egyptian art. His strong compositions are a combination of Egyptian influences and modern art tendencies. He depicts the daily life with a new vision using bright, warm colors with his smooth touches.

A professor at the Cairo Fine Arts Faculty, he won several prizes: 1st prize for painting in Alexandria and New Delhi Biennials, Excellence Prize-Egypt, Gold Medal in Brussels.

Sayed Abd El Rassoul art is exhibited in Egypt as well as abroad in private collections and museums.